1. When will I get another turn to get someone to love me back again? Everytime, just every single damn time that I feel like I’m falling for a guy, it’s either he doesn’t like me or worst he falls for my friends. :’(

    I feel like I’m falling for someone right now. He’s just so nice, and cute and completely funny! Just like a guy I’ve always dreamed of. He’s a really nice person that I can’t even recognize if he’s being nice to me because he likes me back, or he’s just being nice like he always does to everybody else.

    I won’t care actually, as long as he’s also nice with me, I’m just gonna beĀ  over the moon. The problem is, I’ve been choking, and I felt like my tears filling up my lungs because I can’t handle to let it out and run it down my face, because lately I felt like crying when I’m with him. I got a feeling that he’s not interested in me at all. Instead, I feel like he falls in love with my friend. This friend, who’s in fact, has already got herself a boyfriend. But still.. The realization of this, hurts me bad.

    I don’t know what to do. I’ve ever planned on falling for him. i just feel like it now. And it sucks. Because i have to forget my feeling to another great guy I meet in my life, because he doesn’t want me back. :’(


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